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In the world of anime and manga, Naruto Uzumaki is a beloved character known for his incredible strength and determination. However, as he grows older and becomes an adult, some fans have noticed a decline in his power levels. There are several reasons for this perceived weakness. Firstly, as Hokage, Naruto has taken on administrative responsibilities, leaving him with limited time for training. Additionally, the introduction of new antagonists with unimaginable powers have made Naruto seem comparatively weaker. Lastly, his reliance on Kurama’s chakra has diminished due to certain circumstances, further limiting his abilities. Despite these changes, Naruto’s immense charisma and intelligence continue to make him a beloved character among fans..

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typical hero naruto Gaining incredible powers in Masashi Kishimoto’s anime and manga, so why doesn’t the grown-up Naruto appear in Masashi Kishimoto’s anime and manga? boruto Naruto’s sequel The story begins in 1997, with a zealous ninja at the back of the class, proficient in the nude, but unable to summon the lone clone needed to graduate from Konoha Training Academy. naruto series. Gradually, Uzumaki Naruto overcame his weakness. Through hard work, determination and friendship, Naruto has become the strongest ninja in the world. The incredibly powerful demon fox Kurama hidden in his stomach might also help. In the final chapter, Naruto proved his worth and completed his journey by narrowly defeating his longtime rival Sasuke.

After the original story ends, the story continues about 15 years later in the sequel, boruto. The story follows Naruto growing up as the Hokage of Konoha and his own family. Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation Focuses on Naruto’s eldest son and a new group of young men defending Konoha, most of whom are descendants of characters from the original series.

fans can look forward to in boruto, Naruto will be stronger as he matures. Not only is he now Hokage, but Naruto still has 15 years to hone his skills. Given how quickly Naruto progressed in his teens, he should Become a more famous ninja in your thirties… right?

Why is adult Naruto weaker in Boruto

Naruto really becomes weak as an adultboruto temporary.exist The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, Naruto confronts Shin, a former subject of Orochimaru, who is now seeking revenge. After being wounded in battle, both Kurama and Sasuke pointed out that Naruto had lost his edge, which the Hokage also acknowledged. Naruto continued to fight an uphill battle against member Kara Delta before losing to Isshiki and being captured.Naruto Finally surpassing Isshiki’s strength in their rematch, But, He did this because Kurama revealed the existence of baryon patterns. This transformation isn’t a level Naruto has reached recently – he could have used it as a teenager, if Kurama had mentioned it. Therefore, it does not count as Naruto in boruto.

There are two main plot reasons for Naruto’s relative lack of strength as an adult boruto Sequel series. First, as Kurama clearly points out, Naruto is a weakling. During his teenage years, Naruto trained, went on missions, and ate ramen. Driven by the ambitious goal of becoming Hokage, he could do nothing but become stronger. As an adult, Naruto has more responsibilities on his shoulders. Administrative work takes up most of his time, and Naruto’s job as Hokage is to protect the village, not just learn new moves. Second, the ninja world is now in a period of peace, leaving all the villages weak. borutoThe show’s ongoing theme is that the new generation doesn’t have the same fighting skills as the old guardian, and when Kara appeared, Naruto hadn’t fought a good fight in years.

There are also two practical reasons for Naruto’s downfall. The most important thing is that Naruto is no longer the main character in his own story but a supporting role, and the mission of the sequel is not to make “Boren’s father” stronger. With his young son as the protagonist, Naruto’s role now is to capture, engage in close combat and facilitate Boruto’s story. To a similar level of reality, both Naruto and Sasuke have near-inconvenient powers by the end of the original series. Having such a great ability makes the fight with Kaguya impressive, but it doesn’t really benefit the next story. Naruto’s powers must be weakened – otherwise, it won’t do any good to raise his son to be Konoha’s next great hero.

Will Naruto become weaker without Kurama?

Naruto and Kurama in Naruto

Without a pack horse, Naruto as an adult would be much weaker. As a result of Baryon Mode, Naruto’s Nine-Tailed Fox was annihilated, stripping him of all his Jinchuriki-related abilities. He has low chakra (although still high due to being Uzumaki Naruto) and has lost all levels of Demon Mode, making Sage Mode the best weapon in his Hokage arsenal. boruto The manga highlights the severity of Naruto’s decline in power as an adult after Kurama, as Shikamaru worries about his boss taking on Ma without support. Not long ago, Naruto’s closest advisor didn’t think twice about letting borutoThe Seventh Hokage advanced alone.

Although Naruto without Kurama is still too early boruto, some will question whether Qiqi is still at the “Hokage” level, which has not only rusted over the years but has relied too much on his inner demon for so long. While he may still have secrets up his sleeve, there’s no doubt the grown-up Naruto isn’t as strong as he once was.

Why Naruto will be strong again in Boruto

Naruto and Boruto fists from the Boruto series

Although his current strength level is much lower than his strength level at the end of the series, Naruto as an adult can be at boruto. At boruto His nine-tailed fox may not be here when that happens, but Naruto has plenty of other abilities to play with, both in his teens and in his current Hokage role. Also, if the adult Naruto weakens from needing to fight for years, a new conflict is introduced boruto It could be a good incentive for him to start training again. Boruto remains the hero of his own story, which makes it less likely for the series to focus too much on Naruto’s return to his previous level of strength as an adult, but the two can form a formidable duo if future battles require It. naruto Shows how willing the character is to achieve success, a mentality that grown-up Naruto will likely take advantage of again.

In the anime and manga, Naruto gains incredible powers and becomes the strongest ninja in the world. However, in the sequel, Boruto, Naruto is shown to be weaker as an adult. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, as the Hokage, Naruto has more responsibilities and less time to train. Secondly, the ninja world is in a period of peace, making all villages weaker. Additionally, Naruto’s role has shifted to being a supporting character and his powers have been weakened to focus on Boruto’s story. Without his powers, Naruto is much weaker, but there is potential for him to regain his strength in future conflicts.

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