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The article discusses whether a score of 1200 on the SAT is considered good. It explains that although a 1200 score is above the national average, it may not necessarily be competitive for admission to top universities. It recommends aiming for a score closer to 1400 to have a better chance at securing admission into competitive colleges. The article emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded application, including extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation, to stand out amongst other applicants. It concludes by advising students to research the specific SAT score requirements of their desired colleges..

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Top plan to help you improve your SAT score

1. Start Early

Begin your SAT preparation well in advance, ideally several months before your test date. This gives you ample time to prepare thoroughly.

2. Develop a Study Plan:

Creating a study plan that works well for you is essential. Take enough time to cover all exam sections and allocate more time to the areas you need improvement. Make sure you’re dedicating enough time to study every day, ideally a few hours, to build good study habits.

3. Take a diagnostic test:  

This is a comprehensive practice exam administered under realistic testing circumstances. 

Diagnostic tests allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses when taking the exam and utilize that knowledge to plan your preparation in a way that will ensure success.

 4. Identify Weaknesses/Target Weak Areas:

Identify the sections or uestion types where you struggle the most. If you start preparations early, you can easily focus on improving these weak points.

5. Seek help/Guidance if needed:

If you’re struggling with a particular topic or concept, don’t hesitate to seek help from a teacher, tutor, or online resources. They can provide guidance and clear confusions you might have.

6. Stay motivated and confident:

The SAT preparation period can be nerve-wracking for students. They may feel demotivated and have poor self-esteem since so much is happening. It’s like walking in a pitch-black, never-ending tunnel.

But keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So talking to your family or friends is the best course of action. Share your anxiety and worries with them. It is very therapeutic.

Stay composed and assured of your preparedness on exam day.

7. Practice Regularly:

Practice. Practice and practice. This is the key to success. Take practice SATs regularly to get comfortable with the format and pacing 


A SAT score of 1200 is above average and opens doors to various colleges, but it is crucial to look at the prerequisites for the colleges you want to attend. Additionally, your perseverance and effort will pay off. So, be particular about your objectives. 

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To improve your SAT score, it’s important to start early and create a study plan that works for you. Taking a diagnostic test can help you identify your weaknesses and target those areas for improvement. Seeking help and guidance from teachers, tutors, or online resources can also be beneficial. Staying motivated and confident is crucial during the preparation period, and practicing regularly is the key to success. A SAT score of 1200 is considered above average, but it’s important to research the prerequisites of the colleges you want to attend. Moonpreneur offers STEM programs to help students pursue their passions and achieve success.

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