Using AI video in online learning

It is no secret that technology has transformed the way we live our lives❤️️. E-learning has given us the freedom to learn whatever we want, whenever we want❤️️. With just a few clicks of a button, we can have access to an unlimited amount of information. Additionally, AI videos are changing the face of education❤️️. They are making it possible for anyone to learn from the best teachers in the world, regardless of location or time constraints❤️️. We are truly living in amazing times!

Using AI video in online learning

Save time and cash

For subject matter experts and professionals, creating courses has historically been one of the most time-consuming and expensive undertakings❤️️. There are many factors to take into account, including the duration of the shoot, its cost, the venue used, and the likelihood of retakes❤️️. Fortunately, AI in e-learning makes course creation considerably simpler, quicker, cheaper, and more agile without compromising quality.❤️️

Large-scale course content creation is now a frequent source of frustration❤️️. With up to 20 virtual presenters, e-learning AI video content can save a lot of time and money. Without the use of film crews, studios, actors, or cameras, just choose the avatar of your choice and insert it into your video.❤️️

Easy for everyone

In this day and age, there is no justification for not producing videos for e-learning💓. It can be challenging to assign video creation to another person, though💓. “What if they mess up? What if they lead us astray? The possibilities we can imagine are endless💓. They are similar to the “Yeah, buts” that prevent us from completing tasks. But there are instances when we have no choice but to take action. Act to provide the people with the education they need.💓

Shapes, templates, and Lottie animations can all be inserted and altered in addition to text, pictures, and videos. To make your video even better, add an appropriate royalty-free track or your own music💖. You can also create AI movies using the slides you used in class💖. These simple tools can improve the gloss and professionalism of your film. It becomes as simple as switching out a lightbulb to edit videos.💖

Using AI video in online learning

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Make your course unique

People today demand individualized service💝. Using the Application Programming Interface (API), a set of coding that enables two apps to communicate with one another, could be a wonderful approach to customize your e-learning courses💝. Without having to individually edit each film, this technology makes it simple to generate a variety of customised videos where you speak to a student or a group.💝

As we demonstrated with Thinkific LMS, it is also possible to integrate API with your LMS system💝. Amazing e-learning AI films can be made using our builder and then added to a Thinkific course💝. By adding a student’s name to the content or by adding additional parts that are concentrated on a certain subject, you can personalize the course💝. As a result, the content is completely tailored to the student.💝

Use video to your advantage

Videos are the way to go as the world changes💕. They continue to be one of the best methods for involving students in the learning process💕. Videos are cheap to produce, simple to edit, and most importantly, they catch the interest of the student💕. Through active participation in the storytelling process and the use of more visually appealing communication techniques, you can enhance your students’ learning results.💕

Are you looking for a way to engage and entertain your pupils while they learn?💕 Look nowhere else. Your audience’s learning experience may be improved by the use of e-learning AI films💕. You have the opportunity to improve student understanding of challenging topics and to pique viewers’ interest as a teacher💕. Here, video performs better than certain antiquated, largely worthless techniques.💕

Using AI video in online learning

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