How to use Collab on Instagram

Now, everyone who uses Instagram can sync the author of posts on Feed and Reel with simple taps. As for the usernames in post titles, creators and businesses can now be more easily explored than ever before.

How to use Collab on Instagram

Collab is a new feature being tested by Instagram

Instagram Collab has new features that are changing the way we interact with other creators. Before this feature is released, followers won’t see many posts on Tagged Stories, captions, Feeds posts, and Reel. Why? Because users scroll through their newsfeeds and Stories pretty quickly. Over-25s spend more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram, with those quick-browsing tests combined.

How to use Collab on Instagram

Therefore, with the rollout of Instagram’s Collab feature, content creators are considered easier to discover than traditional tagged posts and Stories on previous Feeds.

How to use collab to post on Instagram

Step 1. Open Instagram and click the + sign

Step 2. Select your picture or video

Step 3. Tag people

Step 4. How to invite collaborators on Instagram:

  • Search for co-authors using a tagging screen. When you invite collaborators, after they’ve accepted, they can share your posts on their profile grid and with their followers in the Feed. If they do, they will be shown as another author on the post.
  • Your collaborators will appear under the Add tags and Edit collaborators tabs. Collab tags will automatically appear in the middle of your Instagram post. Tap Done to save the changes.


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