TreeCapitator Mod 1.16.3-1.15.2: Fast tree felling mod for Minecraft

Besides Tree Chopper Mod and Chop Down Updated Mod, there is another popular tree felling mod called TreeCapitator Mod 1.16.3-1.15.2. This is Minecraft Mod that speeds up the process of felling trees, helping Minecraft players save a lot of time and effort.
TreeCapitator Mod adds a very simple thing to the game, which is the ax that is capable of cutting down an entire tree with a single operation. When you cut in which block, the entire tree trunk from that block upwards will fall, very gently and quickly.
TreeCapitator Mod 1.16.3-1.15.2: Fast tree felling mod for Minecraft
Next time, when you see large trees several tens of blocks high, you will not have to think about how long it will take you to cut it down, instead think about the huge amount of wood you are about to own. Tree Capitator Mod allows comfortable configuration to change parameters, such as how many blocks are considered 1 tree, how many leaves create a tree, how to use ax … When combined with Industrial Craft 2 Mod, TreeCapitator Mod will bring into play many new effects.
TreeCapitator Mod significantly speeds up the tree felling process in Minecraft. It works simply with one-way ax, you use the ax to cut the bottom block (tree stump) of any tree. The entire tree will fall down and be in the form of a seamless block. The great thing is that it takes care of all the remaining leaf blocks and provides you with the falling seedlings. This mod is extremely useful when you want to exploit wood in the jungle.
However, this is not a mod hack game but simply saves you time when cutting trees. Your tools will still take the same damage as normal, and the time to cut trees depends on the level of the ax used. Of course, you can completely lose the scissors per tree if you use them in the jungle. Depending on the size of the tree, the cutting times will vary. You can customize it in the config file if you want.

Features of TreeCapitator Mod

Sneak when cutting trees in the usual way (customizable).
A custom list of the tool IDs used to identify the type of ax.
Item damage depends on the amount of logs cut (enabled by default).
Item damage increases with the number of blocked blocks (off by default).
Integrated smart tree detector (custom).
Option to destroy leaves (on by default).
Cut leaf option (with scissors type item in hotbar).
Vines cut option (with scissors item in hotbar).
Disable drop in Creative mode.
Disable tool requests.

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treecapitator 1.16.3

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