Top 5 best GTA 5 mods – Gta 5 mod download

Download and review Top 5 best GTA 5 mods – Gta 5 mod download

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been flooded with thousands upon thousands of user-made mods—so much so this is our third run at adding to an already extensive list. Since we last visited the scene, it seems the modding community has tired of what might be considered ‘sensible’ modifications—shaders, graphics overhauls, and the likes—and is instead revelling in ways to make the Los Santos streets more fun, silly, and/or dangerous.

1. GTA V: Liberty City 

Top 5 best GTA 5 mods – Gta 5 mod download

This mod transports GTA IV’s pseudo interpretation of New York City into Grand Theft Auto 5. Well, sort of. At the moment there’s not all that much to it—no civilians, no cars, no cops, no robbers—but there’s something wonderful about wandering around this faux Manhattan on your lonesome nonetheless. It’s essentially I Am Legend minus the rubbish plot.

2.Grand Theft Zombies Mod


Gamers and especially those that love zombie games will love the grand theft zombies mod. The game revolves around a player who had friends, but they have been infected with a virus that turns them into zombies. A player has to struggle with the zombies in order to survive. The zombies are yearning for the human flesh, and they have melee weapons making them more dangerous.

3. Lamborghini Centenario GTA5

Lamborghini Centenario


  • All regular car functions
  • HQ Interior
  • HQ Exterior
  • 3D Engine
  • 3D Suspension
  • Custom handling

4. Car Jetpacks

Top 5 best GTA 5 mods – Gta 5 mod download

Flying cars! Lazy joke about how we were all promised flying cars in the 1950s! Anyway, while we didn’t get flying cars we did get giant virtual crime sandboxes, which is probably a fair trade in the long run. Especially as we can now put flying cars in our giant virtual crime sandboxes, with the aid of this mod. Huzzah! Reqires Community Script Hook V .NET

5. Gun Sounds Overhaul GTA5


This is without a doubt the best replacement sounds for all the guns and shooting that you can hear in Grand Theft Auto. All GTA gamers who have already download it and use it, are reassuring us that this is the best move they ever made. Being able to enhance your experience and feel everything this game has to offer you, will definitely make your game better.

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