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Getting your kids into Boston College can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and understanding of the acceptance rate, it can be made easier. Boston College is a renowned institution with a competitive acceptance rate of around 27%. To improve the chances of acceptance, it’s crucial to focus on academics, extracurricular activities, and the application process. Maintaining a high GPA, taking challenging courses, and performing well on standardized tests are essential. In addition, showcasing leadership skills, involvement in community service, and participating in meaningful extracurricular activities can enhance the application. Lastly, submitting a well-crafted and thoughtful application with standout essays and strong letters of recommendation is vital..

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How difficult is it to enter BC?

Almost 29,382 students applied during the 2020–2021 admission cycle, and only 7,752 of them were accepted, which gives BC a 26% acceptance rate!! 

And yes, that’s competitive!!

Even though the college has a low acceptance rate, your prospects of gaining admission will vary depending on the strength of your profile. Your academic performance, exam results, extracurricular activities, and other characteristics will also play a role in helping you secure your place at BC. 

Needed GPA

As per BC, the average GPA needed in the “most demanding program available” is an A/A-.

Needed SAT/ACT scores 

The SAT range for admitted students is 1410–1520, and the ACT range is 33–35.

However, for the Class of 2028, Boston College is following the Test-Optional Policy. For more information, go to – 

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Admission to BC

Tip 1. Enroll in the most difficult classes you can while maintaining a minimum GPA of A/A

The average high school grade for accepted students at BC is an A/A-. Competitive institutions sometimes employ the Academic Index, which combines academic elements like GPA and test results for a single assessment that excludes students who don’t exceed specified standards.

However, just getting good grades won’t cut it. The most hard curriculum you can find is something BC also wants you to challenge yourself with. You can tell you are ready for BC’s curriculum if you enroll in and do well in AP, IB, and honors courses.

Tip 2. Strive for a 35 ACT and a 1520 SAT score.

Even though BC has a Test-Optional Policy for 2028, it’s better to take the test more than once because BC will only take into account your highest subsection scores from both tests.

Boston University Admission Scatterplot

You should aim for an SAT or ACT score at or above the 75th percentile of accepted students—1520 or 35, respectively—to be a competitive candidate at BC. Any score between 1410 and 1520 on the SAT or 33 and 35 on the ACT is acceptable, particularly this year when many students are applying for test-optional.

In order to strengthen your application, take the test if you can do so successfully. If you are debating whether to submit your score, we advise that you do so if it is at or above the 25th percentile of BC students who were admitted.

Tip 3. Develop Significant Extracurricular Activities

You are aware of the value of extracurricular activities, but there are certain subtleties involved. 

First, make sure you participate in at least a few significant extracurricular activities. These extracurricular activities are the most specialized and distinctive, such as taking first place in the Math Olympiad or being recognized by the National Art Honor Society. Other activities, such as minor club leadership or involvement, that are more widespread and less specialized can also be added to the list.

In order to show that you have acquired interests in particular fields, your extracurricular activities should also be organized around one or two themes. For instance, BC would rather that you demonstrate your interest in medicine by becoming the president of the Biology club and by having shadowed a doctor at a nearby hospital than by having five clubs and two volunteer roles.

Tip 4. Essays Should Be Engaging

The admissions office can discover more about you as a person through your essays than they can from your numbers. BC’s prompts are designed to urge you to delve into your thoughts and values to offer a clear picture of who you are. These prompts range from delving into important subjects to assessing the effects of the national reckoning on racial injustice.

Tip 5. Apply Early

The acceptance rate for Early Decision applications is 39%, which is significantly higher than the general acceptance rate of 26%. If BC is truly your top choice, then it’s in your best interest to apply early because, generally speaking, Early Decision plans do give admission at a higher rate than Regular Decision plans.

However, there are a few drawbacks to submitting an Early Decision to BC. You won’t really benefit from applying early if your profile isn’t nearly as strong as that of the other students, and your time would be better spent elsewhere. Furthermore, if receiving financial aid is an issue for you, keep in mind that if you are in, you will be obligated to attend BC and won’t be allowed to compare offers.

What is the cost of attending Boston College?

Knowing the cost of the education at Boston College is an important component to take into account. The annual cost of tuition and fees is $64,176. It may comfort applicants to know that they are all automatically considered for one of the 18 full-tuition, merit-based scholarships offered by the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program, given the exorbitant costs of higher education.

Students get extra need-based awards in addition to this scholarship and have the option to seek more funding if necessary.

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Boston College (BC) is a competitive school with a low acceptance rate of 26%. Admissions decisions are based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, and other characteristics. The average GPA needed is an A/A- and the recommended SAT/ACT scores are 1520 and 35, respectively. Developing significant extracurricular activities and writing engaging essays are also important for admission. Applying early through the Early Decision program increases the acceptance rate to 39%. The cost of attending BC is $64,176 per year, but there are merit-based scholarships and additional need-based awards available.

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