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Garfield, the famous cartoon cat known for his dislike of Mondays, finally has a legitimate reason for his aversion to the first day of the week. A new theory reveals that Garfield’s disdain for Mondays stems from his hatred of routine. According to the theory, the orange tabby despises Mondays because they symbolize the return to a monotonous weekly schedule. Garfield’s loathing of predictable routines is a relatable feeling that many people experience, which explains his popularity among readers. Ultimately, Garfield’s hatred of Mondays is more than just a comical character trait; it reflects a universal sentiment towards the mundane aspects of everyday life..

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It’s no secret that Garfield doesn’t like Mondays very much, but here’s the specific reason why he hates Mondays. platform Created by Jim Davis, who debuted the comics in 1978. Garfield is a lazy, withdrawn, lasagna-obsessed cat who transforms the lives of his beloved owner Jon and his goofy dog ​​Odie. Jon’s to hell on earth. has made the character famous for over 40 years, and in addition to the comics, he has appeared in many TV shows, specials, and CGI movies, including gafield and friends And garfield’s life.

In a strange twist of fate, Bill Murray ended up voicing Garfield in the 2004 live-action film. Murray replaced Lorenzo Music as Murray. ghost catcher Peter Venkman character real ghost catchers. Murray’s role in it platform The film became a recurring anecdote for the actor, as he claimed that he signed the contract because of a misunderstanding of screenwriter Joel Coen (a dozen cheap) Joel Cohen (Grandfather). Since then, he has mocked me platform performance of both zombie land but despite clearly not liking the original, he came back with the 2006 sequel Garfield: A Tale of Two Kittens.

Garfield has a lot of dislikes, including exercise, anything that requires effort, and Mondays. Now, there are many reasons people hate Mondays in real life, but for a spoiled cat with essentially the same days, it makes no sense to pick a day of the week. In this regard, Jim Davis revealed to huffington song This is exactly why Garfield hates Mondays – it just reminds him of the void in his existence and makes him repeat the same cycle over and over again.

outside platform Comics and other media in which this cat appears, the tabby has become part of a creepy meme in recent years. This includes turning Garfield into a horror character, as the “I’m sorry Jon, I’m hungry” meme shows Jon trapped inside the house after realizing Garfield had swallowed it. Other Garfield related images are thing– Like the creature begging Jon for some lasagna, or giving an ominous warning like “ammo doesn’t work on Jon”.

While the horror movie idea certainly has potential platformDirector Mark Dindal’s next movie looks unlikely (become king) will go down that line.

Garfield, the lazy, lasagna-devouring cat created by Jim Davis, has made a name for himself over the past 40 years. He has appeared in comics, TV shows, and movies, even being voiced by Bill Murray in a live-action film. One of Garfield’s well-known dislikes is Mondays, and according to Jim Davis, this is because it reminds him of the monotony of his existence. In recent years, Garfield has also become a creepy meme, with images depicting him as a horror character. However, it is unlikely that Garfield will be featured in a horror movie anytime soon.

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