How do you play support in general – Guide DotA

How do you play support in general – Guide DotA

Hi all player Doter – This tutorial “How do you play support?” on game Dota. Guide  or rather, an aggregation of numerous of service tips that I have run across from playing this astonishing diversion all these years, predominantly concentrating on what sort of mindset/key believing that a help player ought to remember as stated by distinctive periods of the amusement. I may concoct particular help saint direct in future so this is planned to be a ‘how would you play help by and large’ control.

How do you play support in general - Guide DotA


This guide is recommended for:
Newcomers who are learning the game, experienced players who are interested to read some insight about supporting and definitely for the people who feel like supporting suits their play style more. People who mostly play carry/solo laner are highly recommended to have a quick read over, supporting is the other face of the game that many people may have never come across – you may have fun reading it and you would be surprised to find out both sides actually share a lot of similar aspects!

How do you play support in general – Guide DotA

Table of Contents
I. Why and When do you play support
II. What is support
III. How do you play support
iii.Irritating, annoying and bitchy
IV. Let’s talk about items
V. My support hero ranking

I. Why and When do you play support

I am going to start the guide with this line: ‘Playing support is against human nature.’.

In fact, the major reason that motivates me to sit down and write this out is due to the horrendous lack of support practice in Match Making (MM) games of Dota2. The thing is, these are no longer ‘pub games’ (like back in DotA) while Dota2’s MM games match you with players at similar skills level i.e. your game could go very wrong (in a bad way) if your team didn’t play the game ‘correctly’. That being said, you can still do fun builds (or commonly known as ‘troll builds’) or mess around with different heroes all day long as soon as you know what you are doing exactly – playing support role is one of the basics in playing DotA/Dota2.

Now back to the ‘Playing support is against human nature’ part – it can be extremely disheartening to play support at times: there is almost no chance for personal skill showing off from you, that shiny high gpm doesn’t belong to you, those glorious godlike/beyond godlike/RAMPAGE are never yours; in the worst case scenario, when the game is losing, some mentally incompetent players will flame or blame you for your 0/8 kill/death on score board (while totally ignoring your assist counts and your effort of doing all these background support works). Nobody wants to play support and there is no real reason ever to play support.

Well, except for one reason, you play support because you play to win, you play support when you WANT TO WIN the goddamn game. Or maybe, just maybe, supporting is actually fun.

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