Details About Meta Unannounced VR Headset Leaker

Renders of the company’s unannounced VR headsets were published by a YouTuber which is Brad Lynch in 2022. Afterwards, Meta had to start a serious investigation toward this incident. After quite a time, there have been more revealed about the leaker.  Source: Meta Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth revealed in an internal post with the company’s employees which gave them a …

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Amazon Tests Its Fully Autonomous Vehicle In Public 

Zoox Inc. is an Amazon-owned startup company that focuses on autonomous vehicles. Recently, it has finished its first ever trip with Zoox’s Robotaxi in the midst of tech crisis. Robotaxi is a self-driving vehicle that requires absolutely human controls which might be the future of transportation. Previously, Amazon acquired Zoox in 2020 and supported the startup financially and technologically.  Source: …

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Microsoft Continues To Cut Down More LinkedIn’s Employees 

Tech layoffs have taken place ever since 2022, right after the pandemic when the world economic scene faced several hardships and struggles. Until today, tech giants such as Meta, Amazon and also Microsoft have fired a notable number of their employees on the heels of the less effective businesses. Most recently, Microsoft has cut down more workers from LinkedIn’s recruitment …

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Alternative News Sources Instead Of Messy Elon Musk’s Twitter

Twitter used to be our favorite source for the latest news and gossip. However, things have changed drastically ever since Elon Musk took over the platform with a multibillion purchase. If you are already tired of this mess which has been created by Musk, there are several other choices that you can get your daily news without putting up with …

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Razer Leviathan V2 Pro Offers 3D Audio With A Built-In IR Camera 

The popular gaming gear company is taking “3D Audio” to the next level with its latest soundbar Razer Leviathan V2 Pro with some great technology and upgrades that you might have never imagined ever before. It has just been revealed at CES 2023 in Las Vegas and caught attention from the press and public users for its amazing design and …

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Introducing NuEdu – The Best PT Training Academy in Vietnam

Nuedu - Vietnam digital pt training academy

Nuedu – No.1 Fitness Trainer (PT) Apprenticeship in VIETNAM Professional Gym Training Academy NUEDU is the leading gym training and training facility in Vietnam. With a specialized curriculum, drawn from the training and competition experience of a world bodybuilding champion. Fitness coach training classes are interspersed with theory and exercise, “practice”, equipped with vocational knowledge from A to Z, free …

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Which camcorder should I use for documentaries?

Aspiring documentary filmmakers are aware of the importance of having a good camera. To choose the one that is best for you, though, might be challenging given the variety of possibilities available. Five of the top video cameras for making documentaries will be discussed in this article. We have something for everyone, regardless of your level of experience or need …

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Top Five Best Watch for man can use every day

Top 5 best watch for men

Every watch manufacturer has a number of arrows in their quiver – a variety of models to suit different tastes and different situations. Some are intended as out-and-out dress watches, others are built solely to withstand challenging environments and never meant to complement a finely tailored suit. And then there are the multitaskers, the luxury watches that can effortlessly slip between a …

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5 best phones to gift your family members this holiday season 

Christmas means presents! In this post, we introduce the best phone models that you might consider while choosing a gift for your family members. The options are diverse and will certainly meet your demand. There are options for a photographer, an Android lover or an iPhone fan.  Google Pixel 7 Pro   Source: Phone World There is no other company that …

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