Microsoft Continues To Cut Down More LinkedIn’s Employees 

Tech layoffs have taken place ever since 2022, right after the pandemic when the world economic scene faced several hardships and struggles. Until today, tech giants such as Meta, Amazon and also Microsoft have fired a notable number of their employees on the heels of the less effective businesses. Most recently, Microsoft has cut down more workers from LinkedIn’s recruitment department. Reportedly, 5% of Microsoft’s workforce was sent away which is around 10,000 employees. For the very first time, the mass layoffs in the tech industry are visible and terrifying at the same time. entertainment news sport celebrity gossip animalsSource: LinkedIn

Microsoft successfully purchased LinkedIn in 2016 at the price of over $26 billion in total. LinkedIn has been known as the most convenient and popular social network for employers and employees all around the world. Each LinkedIn profile is very similar to a resume of its own user. There, people can show off their education status, degrees, certificates, working experiences as well as other skills. It helps connect people who are looking for a job and companies who are recruiting. entertainment news sport celebrity gossip animalsSource: LinkedIn

 Its parenting company is the world’s largest software maker with the main products being Windows and Microsoft Office. On top of that, the company also launches several other services such as computing devices, cloud systems and services, software for users and businesses. Other tech companies that cut down more than 10,000 employees are Google, Amazon, Alphabet and Meta. The fear of a durable economic slowdown has affected their decision to cut down operating fees. Obviously, a monthly payment for ten thousands of skilled and high-quality workers is such a huge amount of money. 

LinkedIn also put a stop to its recruitment. The social network has stopped hiring more people after the news of the layoff. Up to today, there has been no further information about this including the number of employees. Microsoft’s GitHub, Azure, Metaverse and gaming also share the same fate with their sibling/cousin. Even though many people complain about the expected firing which has a negative influence on their lives. Some others do actually look to the bright side where they might have better opportunities despite facing such a great challenge. entertainment news sport celebrity gossip animalsSource: LinkedIn

Ever since the mass firing happened, Apple is the only tech giant that remains in its workforce. However, it does not mean that the iPhone maker is not struggling post pandemic. Their latest flagship iPhone lineup, the iPhone 14 is performing under expected. Moreover, several factories in China have faced difficulties and disadvantages as the country is applying a Zero-Covid policy as shown in previous news

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