Introducing NuEdu – The Best PT Training Academy in Vietnam

Nuedu – No.1 Fitness Trainer (PT) Apprenticeship in VIETNAM Professional Gym Training Academy

NUEDU is the leading gym training and training facility in Vietnam. With a specialized curriculum, drawn from the training and competition experience of a world bodybuilding champion. Fitness coach training classes are interspersed with theory and exercise, “practice”, equipped with vocational knowledge from A to Z, free body level, job placement support.
Lớp Học nghề PT Gym - Nuedu
Nuedu is a PT training institute, training gym coaches. Being a pioneer in building the Fitness ecosystem model in Vietnam. At NUEDU, we train professionally, according to international standard curriculum, in parallel with the theoretical learning process. With the professional standards of PT built by the 2015 World Champion Nguyen Van Kien, the PTs from Nuedu will be the best quality PTs in the market, providing customers with training and nutrition knowledge. the most exactly.


Before introducing what PT is, we first need to know what PT is?

The profession of PT is a short term for the profession of Personal Trainer, which literally means the profession of a personal trainer.

Nghề PT là nghề gì

This is a profession related to training. Your task is simply to develop and manage the training regimen and nutrition of the trainees, helping them achieve their fitness goals in the safest and most effective way.

As a profession related to other people’s health, this gym coach needs to be trained very thoroughly and thoroughly before training for customers.


The PT profession is essentially a one-on-one healthcare service, so the higher your level, the better your professionalism and credibility, the salary you receive will also skyrocket.

The salary of PT profession can be up to 1000$/month. Yes, an extremely high salary compared to the current career level.

The demand for PT in Vietnam is huge: The PT profession has just been introduced into the Vietnamese market in recent years, it is still a very new profession with potential for development.

As we can see above, at the present time, the demand for professional PT in Vietnam is always insufficient supply. The sudden increase in the number of people going to the gym is an opportunity for you to seize and become a PT right away.

Thể hình đẹp nghề PT

The PT job helps you get a desirable body. One of the factors that makes many people love the PT profession is that most PTs have a super quality BODY.

Beautiful bodybuilder PT

This is inevitable because all PTs have undergone intensive training in body, nutrition and training.

Therefore, following the profession of PT, your body shape will also improve markedly, improve self-confidence and become a perfect version of yourself.

Healthy working environment. healthy, happy. If you are someone who gets the pleasure of practicing, then PT is really a career worth considering for you.

Dynamic, positive working environment, helping each other

Môi trường làm việc năng động, tích cực, giúp đỡ lẫn nhau

Thank you for taking the time to reach the end of the article. If you are interested in PT, do not hesitate to refer to the link below : NuEdu – No. 1 PT training academy in Vietnam

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