Instructions to download and install Extra Utilities Mod 1.12.2 / 1.11.2

Extra Utilities Mod 1.12.2 / 1.11.2 adds a kind of random item and block that can be very useful: low latency pump and quarry, power / liquid / item conveying pipes, automation , storage (items and liquids), decorating, mob traps and farming, building, and more. It provides alternative fuel consumption RF generators that range from ordinary coal / coal to food, night stars and even pink dyes. It also provides support for players in peace, with peace mode only with crafting recipes for nether stars added.
Instructions to download and install Extra Utilities Mod 1.12.2 / 1.11.2

Another utility that the mod provides is the compression of pebbles, sand, gravel and dirt. Pebble can be compressed 8 times with compressed cobblestones Septuple and Octuple that are resistant to Wither. Dust can compress 4x while sand and gravel can only compress twice.

The mod also offers low latency alternatives to Quarry and Pump via the Ender Quarry and Ender-Thermic Pump. It also adds a low-latency fast pebble generator alternative, in the form of a Toggle Button with a Mining Upgrade. One of the mod’s sub-goals appears to be to provide an alternative method of performing various conventional high-latency tasks, in the most efficient way possible.

The mod adds a new dimension: The Deep Dark – designed for mining, with vanilla ore spawning at twice the rate. Be warned! In the dark Deep Dark is doing harm. Mob can spawn at any light level in Deep Dark, though Magnum Flashlight and Flashlight will prevent spawning as usual.


Golden Bag of Holding: A portable warehouse of double size.
Golden Lasso: Capture passive mobs for convenient movement.
Paint Brush: Used to paint Colored Tiles and Oak Planks.
Division Sigil: Used to do ancient rituals.
Unstable Ingot: A dangerous item used at risk.
Etheric Sword: Ignores all armor.
Destruction Pickaxe: 5 times faster than Diamond Pickaxe (not falling). Ineffective on other blocks.
Erosion Shovel: Removes sand and gravel above the excavated block. Don’t give up resources.
Healing Ax: Regenerates hunger, but brings health to attack target. Turn zombie villagers back into villagers.
Inverting Hoe: Reversing the phases of the wheat. Turn dirt into grass, and pebbles into rocks.
Wander’s Wand: The faster way to build structures.
Sonar Goggles: Sketch all the ore within 5m.
Watering Can: Early game replacement for Bone Meal. Infinite use directly on crops.

Angel Block: a floating mass that can be placed in mid-air.
Curtain: keep light out of certain areas.
Block update detection: checks for block updates adjacent to it.
Chandeliers: a light source that can be hung from the ceiling. Prevent mobs from spawning in effect areas.
Brick color: bricks are painted with one of 16 dyed colors.
Wood veneer: Wooden board is painted with one of 16 dyes.
Compressed cobblestones: for convenient storage.
Conveyor: a way to move items and mobs.
Cursed Earth: mobs will spawn at a much faster rate on this block.
The Ender-Thermic pump: an efficient Lava pump.
Ender Quarry: an efficient resource extraction machine.
Ethereal Glass: Players can pass, mobs cannot.
Pipe filters: filter the passing items.
Generators: make Redstone Flux from different materials and retain their charge when removed.
Food generator: consume food as fuel, with filled food providing more energy and highly saturated food lasting longer.
Ender Generator (Add-on): consumes Ender Pearls as fuel.
Generator: standard furnace fuel consumption.
Heated Redstone Generator: consumes both Redstone and Lava.
High temperature furnace generator: consumes standard furnace fuel, increasing its energy output over time as it heats up.
Lava generator: consumes Lava as fuel.
Nether Star generator: quickly consume Nether Stars to create a huge amount of energy. Damage to nearby entities.
Pink generator: consumes pink items as fuel.
Potions Generator: consumes potions, with more complex potions generating more energy.
Solar generator: generate energy when exposed to sunlight, charge during the day, generate at night (default).
Survivalist Generator: standard furnace fuel consumption. Cheap and efficient, but very slow to produce energy.
TNT generator: consume gunpowder or TNT as fuel. Damage to nearby entities.
Lapis Caelestis: Expensive block with only one color texture and no bezel.
Magnum Torch: disables mob spawning in a large effect area.
Peace table: for peace mode Players get to mob drops.
Rain Muffler: silent rain sound effects falling in effect area.
Redstone clock: generates redstone pulse.
Sound Muffler: reduces sound in a small effect area.
Pipe arrangement: insert the item into the adjacent archive if it’s empty or of the same type.
Spikes: giant spikes that deal damage.
Trading Post: displays the trading GUI of any Villagers nearby.
Transfer Node: transfers items, liquids or energy.
The trash can: delete the inserted items.
File cabinet: store 270 items with the same item ID.
File Cabinet (Advanced): stores 540 items that are not stacked but with the same item ID.

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