Guide DotA Hero Zet, the Arc Warden Guide & Strategy.

Guide DotA Hero Zet, the Arc Warden Guide & Strategy.

This guide of game Dota Hero Arc Warden.Arc Warden is a Scourge (Dire) spryness legend which is dependent upon the old model of Shadow Demon. It was presented in Dota 6.75 alongside Winter Wyvern. Zet is a convey saint with high DPS aptitudes, he can make his own particular imitation with capabilities (like Geomancer).


Zet, Arc Warden Overview:

Gnoll Assassin

Affiliation: Scourge
Primary Attribute: Agility

Movement speed: 295
Starting Armor: 0

Attack Damage: 40-50
Attack Range: 625

Intelligence: 24 + 2.1
Strength: 24 + 1.9
Agility: 15 + 1.8

Zet, Arc Warden Spells/Abilities Guide: 

Flux (Hotkey: C):

Engulfs an enemy unit with swirling volatile energy for 6 seconds, slowing its movement speed by 50% and dealing damage over time if it is alone. The effect is muted if there is a nearby enemy unit within 225 aoe.

Arc Warden Flux

AoE: 225
Slow: 50%
DPS: 15/30/45/60
Duration: 6

Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 75
Cast Range: 600/700/800/900

Note: Effect stacks directly with multiple instances. Each instance operates independently.

Ability Code: A2M1

Magnetic Field (Hotkey: F)

Distorts space, generating a circular field that grants 100% evasion and bonus attack speed to allied units and buildings within. The field has an aoe of 375.

Arrc Warden Magnetic Field

Duration: 3.5/4/4.5/5
AoE: 375
Attack Speed Bonus: 50/60/70/80

Cooldown: 50
Manacost: 110
Cast Range: 900

Note: Units need to remain within this area to get the bonuses

Ability Code: A2LM

Spark Wraith (Hotkey: R)

Summons a Spark Wraith that takes 3 seconds to fully materialize. Haunts the targeted area until an enemy comes within its range and then fuses itself into him dealing magical damage.

Arc Warden Spark Wraith

Activation Delay: 3 seconds
Duration: Lasts up to 50 seconds before expiring or when it finds an enemy
Damage: 150/200/250/300
AoE: 375 (seeks towards the closest unit in this AoE at 400 MS and damages it)

Cast Range: 2000
Cooldown: 4
Manacost: 50

Ability Code: A2LL

Tempest Double (Hotkey: D):

By vibrating at extreme speeds, Arc Warden is able to create a perfect electrical incarnation of himself for 20 seconds, at the cost of health and mana. This incarnation can use any spells or items he has, and spawns with his health and mana after the cast.

Arc Warden Tempest Double

HP/MP Cost: 30/15/0% of current HP/MP

Cooldown: 55
Duration: 20

Note: The Tempest Double is visibly different for allies. Cannot copy Wards, Smoke or Refresher Orb.

Ability Code: A2M0

Arc Warden Item Build Guide: 

The item build for Zet is currently unavailable,

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