Fortnite Season 4 XP Coins Locations – Maps for All Weeks!

Instructions for you on how to find all XP Coins in Fortnite Season 4! Help add some experience and level up the Battle Pass in the game. The coins are scattered all over the place, plus you’ll have to break, drive, and box some of them to make sure you can collect them!

So far, the XP Coins seem to stay the same in Season 4 as it was last season. Green copper can only be collected, green copper needs to be found in an item that can be broken, purple copper explodes into a small heap, and gold coins … we don’t know for sure, but they do. Will ask you to drive through them in a vehicle!

Season 4 XP Coin Map Locations

Here’s where we will be collecting all of our maps to find yourself the XP coins for the season. We will try to add them as soon as possible, so bookmark this page so you can check it out each week!

Total Amount of Available Coins

If you’re curious how many coins are currently available in the game, then here’s the list:

  • 40 Green Coins
  • 30 Blue Coins
  • 20 Purple Coins
  • 10 Golden Coin

All Available XP Coins

Here’s a map with all of the currently available XP coins on it. We will update it each week that there is more available. Some of the listings had to be shortened, so refer to the maps below if you’d like more details on certain locations. You can click on the map to enlarge it.


All XP Coins by Color

Gold XP Coins

Purple XP Coins

Blue XP Coins

Green XP Coins

All XP Coins by Week

XP Coins Locations Map Week 10

  • 4 Green Coins
  • 3 Blue Coins
  • 2 Purple Coins
  • 2 Golden Coin

XP Coins Locations Map Week 9

  • 4 Green Coins
  • 3 Blue Coins
  • 2 Purple Coins
  • 2 Golden Coin

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