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Dota 2 Tusk (Tuskarr)

Tusk otherwise called Tuskarr in Dota. As all of you realize that its the new addition in the DOTA 2 and he’s been serving the DOTA for about 12 months or thereabouts. Tusk in Dota 2 is a true troublesome errand to attain. Tusk additionally can flip around the fight and speculating from his spells you can expect that there is Blizzard coming in the diversion play of DOTA 2. You can check the complete guide beneath.

Dota 2 Tusk IconDota 2 Tusk, Guide and Preview. Tusk (also known as Ymir, Tuskarr in DotA) is a Radiant/Sentinel strength hero. He’s is a mid-game hero with great ganking abilities for targeting single opponents  He can be played as a semi-carry and can be really effective against dominating/harassing carry heroes in against team. His first Spell is nuke and blocks Enemy path which doesn’t let anyone get away easily, the second skill Snowball does similar by rolling over and stunning the opponent. Tusk 3rd skill provides him a Snowstorm which slows down move and attack speed of opponents. Lastly, his ultimate Walrus punch provides critical hit and a massive slow. Tusk can be real pain if played rightly, his skills synergy make him a perfect ganker and fun-to-play hero.

Tusk Screen Shots:

dota 2 tusk

TUSK Guide


Tusk Spell/Abilities Guide:

Tusk Ice Shards1. Ice Shards (Hotkey: E)

Tusk compresses 5 shards of ice into a ball of frozen energy that damages all enemies in comes in contact with. If the ball comes in contact with an enemy hero or reaches its maximum range the shards are released, creating a barrier that lasts for 5 seconds.

Tusk Snowball2. Snowball (Hotkey: W)
Tusk and any nearby allied heroes roll in a quickly growing snowball towards the target enemy unit. Any victims caught in the snowball’s path take damage and are briefly stunned; the final target takes 40 extra damage and 0.25 extra stun duration.

Tusk Frozen Sigil3. Frozen Sigil (Hotkey: G)

Tusk summons a Frozen Sigil by calling upon the deepest cold of winter. The Sigil creates a snowstorm which slows all enemy units within 600 range.

4. Walrus Punch (Horkey: R)
Tuskr prepares his mighty Walrus Punch; his next attack will do a critical strike and launch the victim into the air. The victim will be slowed upon landing and take damage.

Tusk Spell Build:

Level 1 – Snowball 1Tusk Walrus Punch Level 2 – Ice Shards 1
Level 3 – Ice Shards 2
Level 4 – Snowball 2
Level 5 – Ice Shards 3
Level 6 – Walrus Punch 1
Level 7 – Ice Shards 4
Level 8 – Snowball 3
Level 9 – Snowball 4
Level 10 – Frozen Sigil 1
Level 11 – Walrus Punch 2
Level 12 – Frozen Sigil 2
Level 13 – Frozen Sigil 3
Level 14 – Frozen Sigil 4
Level 15 – Stats 1
Level 16 – Walrus Punch 3
Level 17+ – Stats 2-10

Tusk Item Build:

As you may know, there’s is not a fixed item build for every hero in Dota, following are items that can be purchased on Tusk according to game situation.

Shoes for life: Power Treads / Phase Boots

Must have: Magic Stick / Magic Wand / Empty Bottle

Core: Armlet of Mordiggian  / Hood of Defiance

Attack & Damage: Stygian Desolater / Monkey King Bar / Assault Curiass

Survival: Heart of Tarrasque  / Black King Bar / Satanic

Tusk Strategy Guide:

Early Game:

Tusk shouldn’t start roaming at level 1. He is not a roamer like Vengeful Spirit or Tidehunter. He actually is item dependant, so he must also farm. In early game, try to have a strong lane control and last-hit creeps. With a well combo, you can dominate the lane with 2 melee heroes. DO NOT leave the lane. You shouldn’t start ganking for now. You should place wards to increase your teams map awareness. Check the hero synergy part for a strong lane combination.

Mid Game

This part is where you truly shine. (Shining Walrus. Kinda funny.) If you bought Boots, Bottle and Wand you should start ganking with your partner. You can also gank alone but it will not be very effective. Use Urn and Bottle to heal after ganks. Use Snowball to initiate and Ice Shards to prevent them from escaping. Finish with Walrus Punch. Your main role is not farming, but you can farm between ganks. It is important that you gank the enemy teams CARRYs. Killing Ezalor 10 times may make your score look good, but killing enemy Traxex 3 times will help your team more. Because Ezalor wont be a problem in late game, but Traxex will.

Late Game

In team clashes your main role will be to Area of Effect slow with Frozen Sigil and take a bit damage. Use Walrus Punch on the enemies carry to kill, or at least to disable them. If a clash is not going well, use Snowball to flee with your whole team (Target a neutral creep). This is an advanced technique, but if you can use Ice Shards to separate the team-mates of the opposite team, you will greatly increase your chance to win the clash. I will try to put an screenshot about that.

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