Details About Meta Unannounced VR Headset Leaker

Renders of the company’s unannounced VR headsets were published by a YouTuber which is Brad Lynch in 2022. Afterwards, Meta had to start a serious investigation toward this incident. After quite a time, there have been more revealed about the leaker

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Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth revealed in an internal post with the company’s employees which gave them a closer look about the leaker. He stated that the leaker was actually a third-party contractor and Meta has cut ties with that person. However, the identity of that one is kept unnamed. In this post, he also added that Lynch had to pay him an amount of money from his ads money. It is not surprising that the unnamed leaker actually asked Lynch for a revenue share from the YouTuber. 

“They might have asked because I wasn’t willing to give much money up front. I’m just one guy who loves VR and just enjoys talking with industry friends and reporting what I hear. And I’m definitely not getting rich from it,” the YouTube said to The Verge as an official announcement. 

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Brad Lynch is a YouTube known as a content creator who is passionate for Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. Therefore, when he got informed of Meta’s The Quest Pro, he was willing to share it with his subscribers and public viewers. The published date of the video was months before the official release of the gear. 

Even though the AR/VR headset market is not easy to break into, Meta is still making an effort to give users and enthusiasts a whole new upgrade that gives off great experiences. The gear costs up to $1,500 which is rather pricey and should be considered. However, it has received mixed reviews from users and critics. Some reviews even stated that Meta is gaining and giving nothing from the launch of this gear. Obviously, Meta as well as other tech companies such as Amazon are having the lowest points of the businesses after the horrific pandemic. 

Https:// entertainment news gossip animals memes sportSource: Meta

Other than Meta, there are also rumors of other companies’ AR/VR headsets such as Apple. Many insiders only suggested that the iPhone maker is also planning to release its own-produced headset. However, this type of gear is not hugely appreciated because of limited accessibility and applications. Otherwise, if Apple steps into the game, there might be huge changes to this field. 

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