Best charger for iPhone

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2020 is the beginning of the bad that Apple brings to users, it has started to distribute iPhones without chargers. While there has been an effort to dismiss this change as an eco-friendly measure, it is clear that Apple and its shareholders will benefit most from this controversial decision. And what’s worse is that other manufacturers can do the same.

Apple has slowly laid the groundwork for this in recent years by implementing USB Power Delivery, a more or less common charging mechanism, to its products. Any USB-PD charger you have at home can be used to charge all current iPhones and MacBooks. Apple will gladly sell you one if you don’t already have one. But all of this raises the question of whether Apple’s charger is superior to other options currently on the market. While they are not designed specifically for iPhones, USB Power Delivery is not a new technology and has a number of compatibility options.

Best charger for iPhone


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Prior to the iPhone 11 Pro, all iPhone models came with a 5W adapter; The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are the only models with an 18W “Pro” charger. The latter has been dropped to upgrade the 20W version. According to Apple, you should buy a 5W or 20W adapter.

Some of you may have forgotten, but the original 10W and 12W chargers for iPad also work to fast charge all iPhones. Also, the 10W and 12W adapters perform quite well when compared to the 5W type.

Since iPhone 8, all iPhones support Qi wireless charging. And all devices – with the exception of the iPhone 12 generation – can only charge at a sluggish 7.5W. The iPhone 12 can now max out at 15W thanks to the recently launched MagSafe wireless charger.

It’s good to know that all iPhones, including iPhone 8 and all USB-PD adapters, are iPhone compatible and allow USB-PD charging. In the end, we took this seriously, so using the charger we have in our office we went on a frantic charge. In addition, we have identified a number of issues that we believe will help you choose the right charger.

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Best charger for iPhone


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