Alternative News Sources Instead Of Messy Elon Musk’s Twitter

Twitter used to be our favorite source for the latest news and gossip. However, things have changed drastically ever since Elon Musk took over the platform with a multibillion purchase. If you are already tired of this mess which has been created by Musk, there are several other choices that you can get your daily news without putting up with weird stuff going on on Twitter. 

1. Apple News 

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Apple News, obviously, is created by this giant tech for its users. You can access this application through your Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Even though you have to pay $10 per month for the subscription, you still have to see ads within articles. Even though it does not sound very appealing, Apple News offers several quality longform content which might satisfy your daily news hunger. You might read all the articles from The Atlantic, The New Yorker, New York Magazine,… If you are a devoted reader and have an Apple device, this is the best option for you.

2. Google News 

Alternative News Sources Instead Of Messy Elon Musk’s TwitterSource: Razer

Different from Apple News, Google News provides more local and short news relating to whatever is happening in your area such as weather, local politics, or upcoming events. You can easily get the latest news and updates on every kind of device, Android or iOS. The biggest backlash of this service is that it does not remember your reading story therefore the Discovery feed is rather bad. 

3. Techmeme

Its name already explains what this website is about: tech and memes. If you are interested in technology news and updates such as new phones, laptops, software, games… This is the best option for you to give it a try immediately. You can get the tech reviews, news, blogs and updates about what is going on in the tech world. Currently there is no application yet, however, you might access it from browsers easily. 

4. RSS 

Alternative News Sources Instead Of Messy Elon Musk’s TwitterSource: Razer

Even though it sounds rather outdated since less people mention this platform in recent years, it is still a great news and information source that keeps you updated daily. It might take you quite some more time to set up and get access to the news from other apps such as Reeder on iOS and FocusReader on Android. Eventually, the results are worth your time and effort because RSS offers a wide range of news and information from all magazines and news sources. 

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