41 Ingenious Crosh Commands for ChromeOS

Google’s Chrome OS may appear to be a basic desktop operating system intended at those who want to get started quickly with Chrome and its ecosystem of apps, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Read more: crosh commands on ChromeOS

41 Ingenious Crosh Commands for ChromeOS
Chrome OS, like Windows and Linux, includes a command-line interface known as Chrome Shell or Crosh.
It allows you to run numerous tests, troubleshoot issues, monitor various system settings, and execute diagnostic checks on your Chromebook.
So, if you’ve been itching to experiment with your Chromebook, here are 40 fascinating Chrome OS commands to try in Crosh.

Crosh’s Favorite Chrome OS Commands (Updated 2022)

We’ve covered a wide range of instructions for both novice and advanced users.
Whatever issues you’re having with your Chromebook, you can find Crosh commands to conduct a variety of tests below.
You can go to different areas by clicking on the links below.


Crosh must be started before you can begin running commands.
Simply press Ctrl+Alt+T, and Crosh will open in Chrome like any other tab.

Crosh start in Chrome OS

1. help: displays a list of generic commands to run.

2. help advanced: displays a list of debugging and advanced commands.

3. help command>: determines what a command performs.

Crosh command assistance in Chrome OS

4. uptime: shows how long the system has been functioning and how many users signed in other than you.

5. set time: allows you to manually set the time.

6. connectivity: check the condition of your connection and get more information (works on some devices).

7. inputcontrol: manually set the touchpad and mouse controls (works on some devices).

8. Ctrl+C:While not technically a command, if you want to forcefully close certain continuing Crosh activities, simply press Ctrl+C to terminate the execution immediately.

Crosh’s exit code is 9.

10. vmc stop termina: This command forces the entire Linux container to close on Chrome OS.
If any Linux apps or files cease working for you, you can use it to restart the entire Linux system.

11. vmc start termina: This command, like the one above, starts the Linux container on Chrome OS.

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