Thursday , 18 January 2018

What is Fiverr ?

What is Fiverr ?

– is a network in which each person or company will provide the service or product for $ 5.

– is a relatively new website where people buy and sell services for 5$. Each service is provided by the seller is called “Gig”. Whether buying or selling, it comes at a price per Gig is $ 5, of which $ 1 will go to Fiverr, you keep the remaining $ 4.


The website offers an enticing proposition to users: Buy (or sell) any service for $5 a pop. There’s no need to negotiate pricing or to fret too much about hiring the right person for an extended job. If you’re a small business with the need to offload some short-term work, such as graphic design or copyediting, you can find a willing worker with a few clicks.

You can see, in Fiverr are many different categories such as: Graphic, Video, Writing, Technology, Tips And Advice.
Here are some Gig, Writing article, do video, and Backlink Building


Conditions of Participation Fiverr:
+ You need to have a Paypal account, because Fiverr will pay you for the paypal account, and you must register by email.
+ You can sell anything for $ 5, mainly services, ebook, or video.

Registration account:
You fill nickname and password
Email the Paypal registered email, because later on Fiverr earnings will be withdrawn to this paypal account.

After registration is complete, you log in and Choose Seller => Add a new gig to create a new gig

Title: fill in the information services you want to sell. You can refer to the post by Title search on Fiverr and learn from them. On the Title has a number of provisions and from the ban.
Description: For more information about your services, so you are not allowed to copy the health of others, because Fiverr will uncover.

Instruction for Buyer: Request for buyers. example if you do photoshop , you ask people to go to your images. or if you are writing articles, please ask them to tag, or sector specific requirements.  If no information is left blank.