Thursday , 18 January 2018

Two income sources from you blogs and website

Hi ! Webmaster – Two income sources from you blogs and website.A lot of webmasters create the websites just for his passion or interest but you can totally earn money from you websites.

Two income sources from you blogs and website


1. Affiliate marketing

By attaching affiliate link that lead to the products you signed in, you can easily get the commission when customers click on the link and buy the products. There are many retail seller sites with high commission such as Ebay, Amazon and a lot of service support sites that have affiliate program.

2. Advertisement sellers on websites

Most of websites earn money by selling direct advertisements on the websites. The advertisement can be banner or Text link. If you have well – know or big traffic website, your income may be from hundreds to thousand dollars by selling advertisements.

The best way is you create blog about what you have passion or knowledge. You nee to remind that before getting money from Affiliate marketing or advertisement seller, you should give effort to build, enrich contents and promote your websites. In addition, you need to SEO your websites so that they will be on top and update contents to attract come – back customers.