Sunday , 25 February 2018

Tips to attract repetitive visitors to your websites, blogs

Tips to attract repetitive visitors to your websites, blogs

1. Friendly website

There are a lot of factors influencing in website design but the most important things is how to make the customer love and come back to your website. You need to keep on your mind the most effective website is communicative – feeling and convenient website.

Those are some factors that can help your website become more attractive to the customers:

  • Don’t use flashing word lines. Even though customers will pay more attention to flashing word lines, they are not read.
  • Locate the most important information on the top of the page. If customers can not find what they want, they will visit other websites.
  • Don’t post too much graphic and sound to the website because it takes a lot of time to download when customers don’t use high-speed transmission
  • Provide sufficient information including email address, home address and phone number
  • Add the policies and using- agreements to your website in order to increase customer’ belief to your company
  • Don’t use too many colors, 2 or 3 should be good
  • Supply searching box for customers to easily find what they need and locate that box on the top of the page instead of hiding in the end.


2. Cooperative websites

Cooperative websites is a group of websites that cooperate to attract customers. Each site in this group will contain an advertisement about other side in the group. Internet world have thousands of cooperative websites. If you see the website contains the link to Amazon. Com, that website has cooperation with


3. Useful and unique contents

In order to keep the customers come back to your website, you need to supply valuable content

4. Searching tools
When you want to find any information in the Internet, you first think about searching tools. In order to increase viewers to your website, you need to make sure the searching tools recognize your site.

One of the factors of successful site is the recognition of the searching tools for that site. In addition, you also need to do SEO for your site to increase viewers.