Sunday , 25 February 2018

The Best Blogging Platform with 5 Things That Make WordPress


The Best Blogging Platform  with 5 Things That Make WordPress . WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform, and if you’ve done anything on the Internet ever, you’ve likely already heard about it. However, there are still bloggers out there that haven’t switched over yet, for reasons unknown.If you and WordPress aren’t best friends yet, here are five reasons you should ditch your current blogging platform and make the switch – STAT! (If you’re looking for someone to handle all of the techie stuff for you, check out BlogPress)

1. Ability To Customize

WordPress offers thousands of ready made web design themes that are plug and play – you just choose your theme and off you go. However, you’re not stuck with just the themes they offer – if you find a particular theme that you really like but just want to make one or two tweaks, you absolutely can. You can usually modify any theme to suit your particular needs, including changing the color scheme or the header image. WordPress also offers tons of plugins that not only make your blog run smoothly, they also help make your blog custom and unique. However, you want to be careful which plugins you install – having more plugins than you need can actually have an adverse effect on how your blog loads. Use the ones you need and forget about the rest.

2. Usability

WordPress is one of the most easily used blogging platforms by newbies. Not a whole lot of coding is required (if any), so if the acronyms “HTML” and “CSS” scare the living daylights out of you, WordPress is an excellent solution. It boasts an intuitive content management system that pretty much anyone can use, and even technological neanderthals can put new content on their website regularly without hassle. If you’ve never created a website or blog and want to see what you can come up with, WordPress is a great tool to do just that. You can have a custom site up in minutes, even with your own domain name. It’s that simple.

3. Multiple Options

There are so many things to choose from in WordPress that it can make your head spin. No matter what type of blog you’re hosting – be it a personal or business blog – there are a variety of different options that you can choose from to make your website unique. With WordPress, it’s simple to create and use a blog or static website for yourself or your business. The options available with the WordPress blogging platform far outweigh those available through other blogging platforms, meaning you can truly create the website or blog that works for you. 

4. Customer Support

If you’re new to blogging, you probably need some kind of support system in place that allows you to get answers to important questions. WordPress has a killer community of other WordPress users and tech-savvy people who chime in often on how to fix this or that, add something or otherwise troubleshoot. Forget calling a 1-800-Customer-Service line and waiting on hold for fifteen minutes before getting hung up on. If the WordPress forums don’t already have the answers you’re looking for, just start a new thread and you’ll get the information you need in a relatively short amount of time.

5. SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is easy with WordPress. You want your website to appeal to both actual people and the search engines, and WordPress helps you do both. Without good SEO, people will pretty much never find your blog or website – it will be stuck on the thirtieth page of the search, in no-man’s land. You want people to see your blog when they use a popular search term that relates to the content on your site, and WordPress can help you do that. Installing different plugins that guide you through optimizing your site is easy, and doesn’t take long. You’ll notice that your blog starts getting more traffic, and more and more people are visiting your site.

Most new websites nowadays are created using the WordPress platform – in fact, you probably can’t tell which ones are and which ones aren’t, simply because the options are so plentiful and each website or blog is totally and completely unique. You can’t tell by the design or layout, because there are so many different layouts and themes out there. If you haven’t switched yet, give it a try. You don’t even have to move your blog at first if you already have one. It takes just seconds to create a WordPress blog or website, and you can feel it out to see if you like the usability, the plugins and the content management system. Chances are, you will and it won’t be long before you make the switch for good.