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Preview Of DOTA 2 Patch Notes (21st February, 2013)

This week Valve’s thinks of a little overhaul for Dota 2 with no addition in new saints. Notwithstanding, they have incorporated a full offered group guide framework for legends and thing forms inside the Dota 2 customer. Additionally, Medusa is currently empowered in Captains mode, Players can join various groups without a moment’s delay and bots are no more dropping ... Read More »

Preview Of DOTA 2 Patch Notes (28th February, 2013)

Preview Of DOTA 2 Patch Notes (28th February, 2013). It’s Thursday and time for another Dota 2 overhaul from Valve. This present week’s patch brings some new energizing new characteristics in-amusement. The excercise mode has been authoritatively added which is proposed to give short tenderfoots adviser for the diversion idea, flawless stuff. 7 sets of corrective things are included the ... Read More »

Preview Of DOTA 2 Patch Notes (6th March 2013)

Preview Of DOTA 2 Patch Notes (6th March 2013). DOTA 2 upgrade brings some amusement play and saint changes which were truly critical. The most conspicuous characteristic is the expansion of Fiery Soul, A thing which is extraordinarily made for the LINA. DOTA 2 sixth March patch is far from any saint incorporation and its a moderately little upgrade regarding ... Read More »

Preview Of Dota 2 Patch Notes (14th March, 2013)

Yet an alternate week after week overhaul without any new saints or huge features. valve by and by concentrates on bug fixes, UI upgrades and machine controlled players (AI). Bot for Lion and Omniknight has been included. Nearby amusements won’t be consequently continued from now on. The main cool characteristic in this upgrade is, 3d thing models for Dust of ... Read More »

Preview Of Dota 2 Patch Notes (21st March, 2013)

Preview Of Dota 2 Patch Notes (21st March, 2013). Valve has distributed another overhaul on Dota 2 customer. This current week’s overhaul ports  adjusting progressions  of Dota 6.77c to the diversion. A ton of  visual impacts have been upgraded for Flying Couriers, Drow’s Marksmanship, Dagon and dropped things. The minimap now shows illusions, legends have enhanced surfaces and sound bug ... Read More »

A patch containing a new hero is released , Bristleback (Rigwarl) in Dota 2

A patch holding another legend is discharged , Bristleback (Rigwarl) in Dota 2. Valve is a Radiant quality legend generally known for his tanking and against tank capabilities. This present week’s overhaul includes store things; Anuxi Treasure Chest, Treasure key of Cursed Wood and Shaper Divine, Captain Bamboo and Snail Courier, New model for Vengeful soul and above all Steam ... Read More »

A nice patch update for Dota 2 adding a new intelligence hero released, Skywrath Mage

A decent fix overhaul for Dota 2 including another sagacity saint discharged, Skywrath Mage. Other than that, it brings a most expected reporting framework for verbal correspondence, now damaging/swearing players can now effectively be accounted for. A couple of visuals, for example, Gem of True Sigt, Rikimaru’s Model and Sniper’s livelinesss have been upgraded including some crappy bug-fixes. At long ... Read More »

Update Elder Titan added in Dota 2

Update Elder Titan included Dota 2. Valve has at last did it! They have included Dota’s a standout amongst the most well known quality saint ELDER TITAN (yes, its Tauren Chieftain). Senior Titan is the most exceptional and extreme looking legend in Dota 2 as such, his ambush and spells livelinesss are splendidly done a My Ratingsd without a doubt ... Read More »

Guide block/mute chat in Dota 2

Aide piece/quiet talk in Dota 2. There frequently comes a period in Dota 2, when your group is losing, or there’s absence of coordination between fellow team members (5 convey in an amusement?) or at times when ganks happen. A few players simply can’t endure and begin acting up through voice and text based visit. They begin calling you names, ... Read More »

The prize pool of the International 3 tournament was complete

The prize pool of the International 3 competition was finished. Valve has upgraded the prize pool of The International 3 competition and it ends up being the greatest constantly Winning prize cash for an esports rivalry. All out 16 groups from the globe will fight one another to be the delegated champion of Ti3. The main 8 groups will be ... Read More »