Sunday , 25 February 2018

Secrets to earn money with Amazon Affiliate

Secrets to earn money with Amazon Affiliate

1.      Start making money

We will promote for the products that they pay 25$ for each customer who buy the product we promote. By this way, we have 100$ for 4 customer each day.

I will select the product that is necessary for people, not host or domain.

After carefully research, I select HD TV that satisfied 2 requirements: high commission and needed product.

The most favorite HD TV is Samsung, costing 500$ to 2000$. Amazon will pay 4% commission for each TV that I sell so for each TV costing 1000$, I get 40$.


2.      What is my next step?

I start designing a website that contains Samsung TV price’s comparison in 3 different stores or websites

I sign up for Amazon Affiliate

Coming back to my compared website, I will bold the cheapest price to attract customers. Customers buy a cheap and good TV and I have money from advertisement.


3.      How to attract viewers to my website?

My tittle on website is “Samsung LNT4661F 46 inch HDTV Price Comparison”.  In addition, I also add more interesting content about that kind of TV to attract viewers from searching tools.

My next step is to build connected sites in order to increase my website position in Search Engines by writing Article marketing. I will write an article and post it in hundred of website. The person who interested in my article will click on the link that connects to my website. Then I have viewers and backlink from the website that I post the article.

The duplicate contents in a lot of websites can reduce my website position in Google searching tool. In stead of copying the article to paste in hundred of website, I use JetSpinner (free) that can help me edit the original article to other articles which have the same content with the original one.

4.      How to write Article?


The first important thing is to insert keyword to the article.

I try searching the phrase” Samsung LNT4661F 46 inch HDTV ” on Google and see a little of results so I don’t have a lot of competitors.

Using JetSpinner, I have a lot of articles

One of my articles can be on top 10 of Google, yahoo and MSN

Repeat all the steps everyday:

  • Create comparison website for hot products
  • Write article and use JetSpinner to create 100 different articles and post them on 100 different website
  • Insert your website link to all articles
  • You have 10 viewers to your website every day and 300 each month
  • In the worst situation, there is only one customer who buy my TV so I have 50$ everyday. I said it is the worst situation because all 300 customers want to buy my TV because they visit my website.

So you have 50$ each day, be hard- working and 100$ each day is not far for you.

That is the way I do Amazon Affiliate and be aware that success just comes to the hard working people not for the lazier.