Sunday , 25 February 2018

Run Multiple Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Windows Using kloader

Have you ever thought of running multiple Warcraft 3’s on a single PC? It’s possible using kLoader. It’s a tiny piece of program which allows you to run multiple instances of Warcraft 3 on a single computer without any such problems. You can play 1v1 against yourself, watch multiple replays at same time or check the maps etc. using this kLoader.

How to Run Multiple Warcraft 3 – Guide:

1. Download kLoader.rar and extract the files using WinRAR.
2. Open config.txt and set your Warcraft 3 Path (where you have installed it) and save it.
3. Now open, W3MultipleLoader.exe and run multiple Warcraft 3’s as much as you want!
4. Enjoy!

kLoader Download Links:

kLoader.rar (mirror 1)
kLoader.rar (mirror 2)

Tips & Warnings:

– Make sure that you have set correct path in Config.txt file otherwise it won’t work.
– You can remove “-window” from Config.txt file to avoid running Warcraft 3 in windowed mode.
– If you are having scrolling problem in windowed mode, use Windows Mouse Capture to fix it.
– You can’t to connect to or PvPGN servers using kLoader.