Sunday , 25 February 2018

Poof Bot for Geomaner /Meepobot , Meepo

Poof Bot for Geomaner /Meepobot , Meepo . Meepobot is little program made for Geomaner, Meepo in Dota. It permits you to cast Poof to your clones in only 1 click. By utilizing this system you can arrangement mass measure of harm to your foes in one moment. Meepobot is useful for those players who don’t jump at the chance to play Meepo in light of the fact that it is tricky to control him. Meepobot ought to help those players to improve their gameplay with Geomancer. 

Meepo Poof Bot

Download MeepoBot:
– MeepoBot.rar (mirror 1)

1. Download MeepoBot v1.1
2. Extract it using WinRAR to any folder.
3. Run Warcraft 3 & MeepoBot.
4. Set the Hotkey for Meepo’s Poof.
5. Join a game.
6. Press your assigned hotkey to poof.
7. Start Ownage!

• This program will always poof to the real Meepo.
• Currently, It only works on two resolutions.
– 1024*768
– 1280*1024
• This program is only tested on Windows XP – It might work in Windows 7 & Vista.
• Your mouse will be controlled for 1 second by MeepoBot to perform it’s operation.
• You must run the MeepoBot for it’s appropriate resolution otherwise it won’t work.
• Some leagues/tournaments won’t allow the use of this program.