Saturday , 23 September 2017

Poof Bot for Geomaner /Meepobot , Meepo

Poof Bot for Geomaner /Meepobot , Meepo . Meepobot is little program made for Geomaner, Meepo in Dota. It permits you to cast Poof to your clones in only 1 click. By utilizing this system you can arrangement mass measure of harm to your foes in one moment. Meepobot is useful for those players who don’t jump at the chance ... Read More »

Download Dota 6.67 Map | Official Dota Allstars 6.67 Map

Dota 6.67 Map – Dota Allstars 6.67 has now discharged by Icefrog, short after the arrival of the Warcraft 1.24e Patch. This guide has some adjusting, legend revamps & two new things not surprisingly. Additionally, there is another amusement mode (Capture Point) which is looking really marvelous. Get the Dota 6.67 and its Changelogs.   DotA 6.67 Map Download Links:DotA-Allstars v6.67.w3x (mirror 1)DotA-Allstars ... Read More »

Download & Offline Install Guide Official Warcraft 1.24e Patch

Warcraft 1.24e Patch Offline Installation Guide. Snow squall has discharged the Warcraft 1.24e patch disconnected from the net redesign record. This is an authority method for upgrading to Warcraft 1.24e patch for those players who can not associate with for programmed overhaul. Look at the download and aide of introducing Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24e patch utilizing manual overhaul. Warcraft ... Read More »

How to Recording in Dota 2

 Guide Recording in Dota 2, now How do I record films in DOTA? You can find similar to this explanation on how to record in source games(including Dota2) here: here: Content:-Intro and a little explanation-Enabling the console-Finding the replay-The “startmovie” & “endmovie” commands-Virtual Dub-Optional things   (im sorry, but I am not able to upload it here, because it resizes ... Read More »

How to destroy flying saucers

Video Dota2 How to destroy flying saucers – Here are some of mine:  How do I record films in DOTA? There’s a few ways. First off, it’s best to record a DOTA film through a DOTA replay. You can do this by clicking on your name in the DOTA 2 main menu, viewing your recent games, and clicking on the game you ... Read More »

Download & Guide Warcraft 1.24e Switcher | Warcraft Version Switcher 1.24e Patch

Warcraft 1.24e Version Switcher is currently accessible. This Warcraft adaptation switcher is extraordinary on the off chance that you can not introduce Warcraft 1.24e Patch utilizing the disconnected from the net update document of it. By utilizing this astonishing project you can undoubtedly switch between Warcraft 1.24d ( to 1.24e ( inside few clicks without any blunders. Warcraft 1.24e Version Switcher | Warcraft ... Read More »

Download & Changelogs Warcraft 1.24e Patch | Warcraft 3 TFT v1.24e Patch

Download & Changelogs Warcraft 1.24e Patch | Warcraft 3 TFT v1.24e Patch . Warcraft 1.24e Patch is currently discharged! This redesign is great venture by Blizzard altering a bunches of irritating hacks, for example, Sheep Hack, Cooldown hack, Crash hack and so forth. You only need to move up to Warcraft Patch 1.24e soon in the event that you need to ... Read More »

The most effective method to Block Someone In Warcraft 3 Chat?

The most effective method to Block Someone In Warcraft 3 Chat? It is safe to say that you are worn out on visit spammers that fire, misuse or bother you while playing Warcraft 3? No compelling reason to stress in light of the fact that, There is an approach to piece/quiet their talk utilizing “/squelch” order. The greater part of ... Read More »

Preview Of Dota 2 Patch Notes (7th February, 2013)

  An alternate week after week overhaul is pushed on Dota 2 through Steam customer. This present week’s brings no new legends yet it brings some huge progressions to the diversion mechanics and gigantic advancements. It likewise brings most expected Team Matchmaking and Player diversion Language choice, you are currently fit to match your rivals dependent upon their essential dialect ... Read More »

Preview Of DOTA 2 Patch Notes (14th February, 2013)

Right away here is the Valentine’s Day blessing for the entire DOTA group from Valve. The all new fix of DOTA 2 is currently offering Tusker. There has been some theory about the consideration of the distinctive Heroes however now they are past and the present is Tusk. You can undoubtedly read the entire changes beneath. So look at it.. ... Read More »