Sunday , 25 February 2018

How to Start a Blog – Promote! Social Media, Article Marketing, Internet Press Releases


How to Start a Blog – Promote! Social Media, Article Marketing, Internet Press Releases. Let’s talk Social Media, Article Marketing, and Press Releases. Once you have mastered the previous 9 steps on how to start a blog, the time has come to start executing a marketing plan that will bring huge amounts of traffic and visitors to your site. Promoting your site is one of the single most important parts of running this new business venture. After all, if no one ever visits your site then you have no chance of selling them your product or service, right?

Forum Marketing

Promoting your site can take on many different features. There are all different kinds of avenues where you can promote your site effectively. A lot of it depends on the type of niche that you’re in to begin with. For example, many people advocate the use of something called forum marketing. This is where you join forums that are relative to your niche so that you can become a valid and valuable contributor to the forum. Then, you can gain the trust and respect of the other members of the site so that they will want to visit your blog about the same topic.

For instance, let’s say that your blog is about rose gardening. You might want to find forums about flower gardening, roses or even organic gardening. You can become a member and usually you are allowed to have a forum signature. Some website owners may only allow you to have a link to your website in your profile. Either way, you can find stealth ways of advertising your blog to the members of the forum. Remember, though, that you are there to provide value on the topic at hand so don’t go blatantly spamming someone else’s forum. That is only going to make you look bad and won’t help you to drive traffic to your own site.

Social Media

Another way to promote your site is by using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites are growing in popularity as more and more people utilize them on a daily basis. By promoting your site or business on social media networks, you can develop huge lists of followers who will hang on your every word when you post. Again, this is about relationship marketing so it’s not going to be an overnight success. People need to know that you care about them and what they need, so make sure that most of your posts are not promotional in nature. You can do things like create a group on Facebook about your niche topic and provide valuable information to your followers.  Or learn how.

Another way to use social media is by putting buttons on your blog so that people can share your content with their list of friends. If you can gain the loyalty and respect of the readers of your blog, they will share your information and help you gain even more traffic to the site. Again, this is all about relationships so you must provide such valuable content that people are constantly amazed that you’re giving away this information for free. That way, when you come up with a paid product or suggest another service to them they will trust that it must be good because your free content is so super valuable.

Paid & Free Press Releases

One often overlooked way of marketing your blog is by using press releases. Some people think the press releases are simply for people who are trying to get an article in the newspaper or on television, but they are actually one of the best ways to get extra link juice online. There are several high-powered press release websites on the Internet likePRWeb and PRNewswire where you can submit your release and generate more traffic to your site. Of course, there’s also the possibility that your blog will be picked up in the mainstream media and featured in a publication outside of the Internet. This is just icing on the cake for your marketing efforts.

When writing a press release, it’s very important to remember that you don’t want to be overly promotional. Press releases are meant to express the fact that you have something newsworthy to say. For example, if your blog is about working from home then you might want to write a press release from the angle of the high unemployment rate and how more people are taking on jobs from home. That way, the press release is newsworthy in the eyes of anyone who reads it.

Free press releases are also an option, and several sits offer this service. But while it sounds good on paper, we’ve yet to ever see any significant results from a free press release service. So when we want to do a key press release and get some real visibility, we always turn back to one of the major players like PRWeb.

Article Marketing

By far, article marketing is probably one of the most common ways of getting traffic to your website and creating links back to your blog. There are many facets to article marketing that you want to learn, but the main idea is to write short, informative articles with anchor text leading back to your website.

These articles can be posted in many places online including article directories and Web 2.0 properties such as eHow, Hubpages and Squidoo. However one of the most well-known article directories is Ezine Articles, so be sure to publish your articles there as well. Unlike many others, their submission guidelines are fairly strict, but that keeps quality on the site high, so you’ll be in good company. For example, Ezine Articles will only allow you to include links in your “author bio”, not in the article itself. But that’s true of most high quality article directories…

Remember that when you are doing article marketing, that there are two reasons that you are working on this task. For one thing, you want to create high-quality links back to your site using specific anchor text that you want your site to rank for. On the other hand, you also want to create quality information that will help you to attract more visitors back to your blog. Hopefully, people will see the quality of your information and want to click-through to read more on your blog. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t give all of your information away in your articles. Otherwise, there is really no reason for anyone to come and visit your blog since you’ve already given them all of the pertinent information that they want.

There are many different ways to market your blog online through social media, press releases, article marketing and more. It’s important that you focus on several different ways of promoting your blog rather than just one. A variety of different kinds of links from different sources can only serve to help your blog rise up in the search engine rankings and maintain its stability over time. In other words, don’t simply rely on article marketing for all of your promotion as you will also want to use a variety of other avenues to invite new readers to your blog daily.