Wednesday , 17 January 2018

How to create Hoplink

How to create Hoplink

Click on Promote=> Type you Clickbank ID => Click Create

create Hoplink

This is Hoplink:

Shorten Link

After creating Hoplink, you can use that link to promote your products. However, Hoplink’s structure is different from a normal link that leads to customer’s hesitation. The customer will consider whether to click to Hoplink or not due to the differences. That’s the reason why we need to shorten Hoplink.

You can use some websites to shorten link like:

Howerver, some articles or forums to promote products where first shorten Hoplink can not blind their eyes. We need to use technique to shorten Hoplink one more time. We can use this site:

This is Hoplink that we need to shorten:


Then you transfer to:

google url

TypeCaptchavà click Shorten, you will get:


This is your final result link:



Step 1: Insert hoplink, type captcha and click Shrink It, you have first – shorten link

Step 2: Transfer to to shorten link the second time.

Note: Those sites always change their policy, so there is nothing to guarantee their efficiency. That is the reason why you should use this second way to shorten Hoplink:

You can use some plugins to shorten link like Prettylink Lite that is word press free plugin to shorten link

Prettylink Lite

This is your result: Domain/url