Thursday , 18 January 2018

For 2012, 6 Blogging Trends


For 2012, 6 Blogging Trends. Blogging has never been more common than it was been in 2011. In the year 2012, there will undoubtedly be a continued increase of bloggers as blogging software becomes all the more user friendly, ad as more people feel the need to express themselves (much like people now do on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter).

So what should bloggers expect this year?

1. Advertisements Are On The Rise

If you aren’t advertising on your blog by 2012, then you are falling behind the trend. Just a short while ago you could find a blog that didn’t have any type of advertising on it, but these days bloggers are taking advantage of their blogs’ popularity and starting to advertise. Google AdSense is only going to continue to increase and be used more and more by bloggers, and for a good reason. It is simple to use and offers different options for different users, such as pay per click options and pay per impression.

Doubleclick, which used to be one of the most common companies out there, is definitely on the way out with their banner ads. Flash animation and banner ads are no longer being noticed by online users, and people will only continue to ignore such advertisements as the years go on. Nowadays, you will be seeing a whole lot more video marketing ads out on the ‘net.

There is also evidence that search engines are giving preference to blogs and websites that have video marketing material on their websites, so if you don’t have any video marketing up on your blog yet, you will want to get on that soon. It is expected to see companies such as Blogads become far less commonly used. Though still used on some popular websites, such as, you’ll be hard pressed by find most other popular blog sites using it.

2. The Best Blogging Software

The software that you have for your blog makes all the difference in its presentation and style. Over the years there have been a number of different blogging sites come out and used, with several of them failing. For example, MySpace used to be one of the more popular blogging sites, however as we all know, in 2011 it’s hardly even relevant.

The trend will continue towards bloggers having fully customized or specialized blogs, thanks to the large number of different software available to them to make this possible. Now, even those with very little experience with the basics such as HTML can create a fantastic looking blogger site. It is estimated that close to 50% of bloggers will be using custom blogs in 2012, if not more.

WordPress will continue to grow in popularity, especially as there are an ever increasing amount of sites on the web that offer tools to make it easily customizable. Though there are still some limitations with WordPress when it comes to customizing your blog site, there are advances being made every day.

Movable-type blogs are still going to increase in popularity as well. This type of blog has always been a very popular choice since it does offer a whole lot of standard tools for blogging. It is also less limiting than WordPress, which is why a lot of WordPress users often migrate to movable-type blogs.

3. The Most Popular Blogging Topics

Technology has always been a popular blogging topic, and in 2012 you will only see all the more blogs popping up on the web about it. With all of these new technologies coming to light every single day, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of people are starting blogs about things like iPhone apps and the hottest new computer software.

General interest will still be a common topic with blogs, but there will be increase in political websites on the Internet. With the economic and political upheaval that is being experienced on a global scale, more and more people are taking an interest and are sharing information about law, governments, the economy, and more.

4. What Blog Typeface Will YOU Use?

Verdana has always been the typeface of choice and will continue to be the most used in 2012. A lot of blogging programs have either Verdana or Arial be the ‘standard’ choice, and many bloggers are too busy typing away or are satisfied with the clean simple appearance of both typefaces that they tend to just stick with it.

Times New Roman typeface fonts will continue to decrease in popularity, as we bloggersknow that if you want to get someone to read your stuff, this could perhaps be the most boring and therefore the most easily overlooked typeface out there. Georgia might increase in popularity in 2012, as may Trebuchet.

5. The Hottest Blog Background Colors

Newbie bloggers may think that having a hot pink background is a good idea, but they’ll quickly discover that this “hard on the eyes” background color will quickly dissuade any reader from reading their material. The top color in 2012 will still be white, since it is the easiest on the eyes.

The one change that we are going to see is less blogs with white backgrounds and more with earth toned backgrounds. Earth tones also are generally very easy on the eyes, but will offer a bloggers a way to differentiate themselves from the standard white-background blogs. Expect to see a lot more grey, green, and beige backgrounds around, with the occasional pink or even polka dotted or striped backgrounds floating around. Just keep in mind that if you do choose to change your blog to a pattern background, it has to be muted so as to not completely distract one’s eyes from the content on your blog site.

6. The Most Common Blogging Languages

English has been and will continue to be the most common blogging language on the ‘net, with well over 50% of blogs being written in English. Japanese and Chinese will still be very popular languages on the ‘net, but we will be seeing an increase in other languages, such as Russian, Arabic, and Farsi.