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Download the Map DotA 6.80c W3x Gold Bug

Download the Map DotA 6.80c W3x Gold Bug

DotA 6.80c

Introduction DotA 6.80c W3x Gold Bug: The mal for IceFrog released DotA 6.80c, the third of its series’ as a result of severe Gold Exploit in v6.80b which allowed any player to gain unlimited gold by abusing Ward-sharing mechanic.Luckily, that bug is now fixed, thanks to the quick response by IceFrog. Now you won’t see any player with 6x inventory on Level 1. Download the DotA 6.80c map and enjoy fair gaming. Also, read how to perform 6.80b gold bug below!

DotA 6.80c Changelogs [Patch Notes]
  • Fixed a gold exploit that was possible with Wards
Guide to DotA 6.80b Gold Exploit:
  • Pick any hero and completely fill its inventory with Ironwood branches
  • Buy a courier and buy a set of Wards (doesn’t matter Sentry or Observer)
  • Buy an Energy Booster and put both wards and booster in Courier’s inventory
  • Move courier back to the Fountain so it acquires mana to use Wards. That’s why we bought Energy booster.
  • Select courier, click Sentry ward and target your hero standing with full inventory.
  • Since, your hero has full inventory the wards will drop as a Yellow-book on the ground.
  • Each time you use a single ward from Courier, you get Double (2x) wards in return
  • Pick-up the dropped Wards (yellow-books) again using the courier and repeat the steps.
  • And then sell the Wards for gold until you have gold to buy a 6x inventory.

DotA 6.80c W3x Gold Bug Screenshot :

Tip: Instead of buying Energy Booster and courier, you can get an ally hero to do the same task.

Video more awesome bugs (6.80c):

How to install map DotA 6.80c W3x Gold Bug?

  • Download the map (with .w3x extension)
  • Place it in (Warcraft IIIMapsDownload) directory. You must have Warcraft 3 TFT v1.24e or above to play this map.

Dota v6.80c.w3x

Link download Download the Map DotA 6.80c W3x Gold Bug:

DotA v6.80c.w3x (7.88 MB – 4th March 2014)