Sunday , 25 February 2018

How to destroy flying saucers

Video Dota2 How to destroy flying saucers – Here are some of mine: 

How do I record films in DOTA?
There’s a few ways.

First off, it’s best to record a DOTA film through a DOTA replay. You can do this by clicking on your name in the DOTA 2 main menu, viewing your recent games, and clicking on the game you want to record. From there, download a replay and fire up the replay editor.


The best way to record is arguably straight from DOTA via the built-in Source Recorder. ralje’s “Recording in DOTA 2 Like a Boss” guide covers how to create HD clips easily with the Recorder
Alternatively, you can use an external recorder like Dxtory and FRAPS. Using this kind of software can cause skips, hiccups, framerate loss, or even a loss in quality, but they are (save for Dxtory) very easy to setup and use. Dxtory is known for being a much higher-quality tool than FRAPS, but Dxtory also requires more setup and know-how to operate.