Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Clickbank basics

Introduction Clickbank basics.Once you’ve signed up for your Clickbank account and received your password, you can log in at anytime by clicking Log In at the top of the Clickbank site and entering your nickname (also knows as your Account ID or Username) and your password. If you forget your password, you can get a new one by clicking Forgot Your Password.

Account Home: Screenshot shows your daily income.

clickbank basic

Account Setting: You can change your account information like email, password, and address.

Note: if you change your address, Clickbank will confirm information by sending an email and your change will be accepted in 1 week.


Payment Information: You can only be paid by checks in your first two withdrawing checks. After that, you can change to wise transfer by sending request though ticket.

Payment Threshold: This is your minimum account.

For example: If you choose 100$ as your payment threshold and your balance on Clickbank’s payday is lower than 100$, you need to wait until next payday when it higher than that number, you will be paid.


Paychecks: Paycheck is document issued by Clickbank to pay for your sale in this website.


Transaction Search

Transaction search is statistic information of successful buyers by your hoplink

history clickbank

Analytics is detail information of your Hoplink, sale, and commission hop


Resource => Tickets

ticket history

If you have any question, contact to Clickbank by