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Article marketing introduction

Article marketing introduction

Article marketing introduction

Tutorial: Article marketing introduction

1.     What is Article marketing?

Article marketing is a simple method in making money onlinethat you have your writings and post them on the article sites. Even though you need to pay for posting fee in some websites, there are some free posting article sites.

Articles need to have 70% unique content, you are not allowed to copy from any sources that lead to your locked account.

Pros of Article marketing:

  • Easy: it is one of the easiest methods when making money online.
  • Free: Some reliable websites let you post you article free.
  • Simple: You do not need to waste time in creating and designing websites.
  • Effective: if your articles are interesting and highly – effective, you will get money immediately.

Cons of Article marketing:

  • You need to write a lot of articles, one can not bring you money.
  • You are not able to use Affiliate link. Although all article sites do not let you use hoplink, you can still use shorten links that could be 90% efficiency.


2.     Article sites list:


This is one of the lead online article sites in the world. has very strict policies such as perfect grammar, high quality article etc.

Articlease is a very reliable site on 10 top article sites. In comparison with, this website seems to have more comfortable policies and easy approvals.

With direct article marketing, we will use articlebasebecause of its easy policies. In addition, will approve your article in 48 hours and after having 15 approval articles, articlebase let you automatically approve, it seems to save more time than ezine.

3.     Direct article marketing

link money

As you can see from that picture, when your articles are approved, customer read it, click your link, and buy a product, you will get commission.

With direct article marketing, product reviews seem to be very effective so my advice is to write product review articles.

You can also follow this principle Problem=>Solution=>product introduction.

For example: you want to sell weigh loss product, you can write an article like how to weight loss and the end of your article can be an effective weigh loss product coming with your short Hoplink.

Product Review

I will use as an example because of its free and simple sign up.

After signing up, you go to email confirm, log in, select Submit Article to start writing.

article editor

One article contains 6 parts:



Summary (description)


Article body

Author Bio or Resource box

Title and Summary are two most important parts in your article because when your article is approved, it will be listed on articlebase, customers will see your title and summary before other parts. An eye – catching title and interesting summary will attract more customers to click and read your article. As they play 50% importance of your article, you need to invest more time into them.

simple arti

Title that must be short contains product name with Review or Scam. You can use some strong words like: easy, cheap, and wonderful and why, how.

For example:

Text Your Ex back Review – How This Product Work?

Text Your Ex back Review – Why This Product Work ?

You can use below forms:




What’s Right and WrongWith+product

A Satisfied Customer Reviews+product

Considering Buying +product- Read This First!


You can write 2 or 3 sentences to introduce your article. As Summary is the customer eye – catcher, you should try to write it short and impressive. As usually, writer will use 2 first sentences in article body as Description.

Keyword: you select 3 -5 keywords that are related to product like product view, product scam, product bonus.

Article Body:

Article body should be limited from 500 to 700 words. In order to be clear, you should divide it into small parts. The content must be high quality, close layout without mistake in grammar or vocabulary.

Article body can be divided into 3 parts: introduction, detail information and conclusion

Introduction: 1 -2 paragraph

Introduction contains products name, product author and product function.

For example:

Text Your Ex Back Overview

Text Your Ex Back system of Michael Fiore is a PDF guide, some bonuses and audio version that includes interviews from people who are skilled on unfaithfulness and forgiveness. It has also a complete course in the proper use of Face Book when you are experiencing break ups. This is different from other systems since it does all the work for you. This program actually provides you the right texts that you may forward to your former girlfriend; therefore you do not have to worry with regards to what you are sending and they are proven to be effective.

The most important benefit that the program offer is the fact that is extremely easy to utilize. Texting your ex is really a smart action. According to the author, texting is considered one of the finest tools to possess when you want to get back your ex. Sad to say that some people do not know the exact way to use the simple text to get their ex back.

Product information:

This part will give customers detail information of products: product features, product how- to- work, pros and cons, bonus, especially benefits.

You can use information from website and vendors. If product website has support, it will bring you a lot of useful information.

For example:

The following are some vital things to consider when you want to text your ex back:

  • Get back to your ex due to right reasons
  • Have reasonable expectations
  • Understand the breaking up and have apparent goals
  • “No contact rule” must be applied
  • Do not apply a “Nothing Text” to start the conversation
  • So Here Is What You Will Exactly Get and Learn

1. Get detailed instructions on how to start re-communicating with your ex in the most non-offensive way through text messages 2. Get samples of the EXACT text messages that you should be sending your ex in order to get him or her back 3. What you should write to get your ex start thinking about all the good times with you and brush aside the bad memories 4. How to make her or him doubt his or her rushed decision in cutting you off from their life 5. How to influence her or him to say their true feelings for you instead of those nice empty words with no meaning 6. And MUCH more!

Through the Text Your Ex system, you will learn three important things that your texts need to convey in order to be successful in reclaiming your ex.

These include: * Erasing negative feelings and bad memories from the past

* Making your ex feel that he or she is truly seen and that you truly understand them * That they should also include an element of seduction

This program teaches you that texts that beg and plead your ex to come back to you do not work, and that you must instead use them to make your ex realize it was a mistake to let you go. Using this method will help you get back the one your heart desires using nothing but your cell phone and some creative texting. You can soon be back in the arms of the one you belong with.


In conclusion part, you need to say that the product is good and reliable. In addition, if the customers are not satisfied with the product, they can refund it in 60 days.

I definitely do! In simple words, Text Your Ex Back is really powerful stuff that should only be used when everything else fails. And for all of you who are still sceptical: Text Your Ex Back is definitely NOT a Scam. In order to get a complete picture of the program and to find out if it is for you, I highly recommend watching Michale Fiore’s short video that will show you the EXACT method for using TEXT MESSAGES in getting your ex back. Check it Here !

Author box:

In this part, you write 1 or 2 sentences about the product to inspirit customers for higher sale ability.

Text Your Ex Back program by Michael Fiore because he guarantees that you will succeed to get you get your ex back. Try to text your ex back and you will get back your ex. Check it Here !

Link and Call To Action!

Call To Action are some phrases such as: Check It Now, Let Get Start. Click Here ect

They are the phrases that lead customers to some action. You need to use them and insert Hoplink. As you can see from the beyond example, I insert Check It Here at the end of Author part and Body that can lead to high Click rate.


Instead of putting link next to the phrase Check It Here, You need to insert link into the phrase Check It Here.

After submitting to ariclebase, you edit your article and paste to other article websites. It means that you will have 20 different articles.

In order to have a good content, you can search for more information on product homepage or other people. By searching Google, you can find a lot of information that can lead to your creative idea.

Do not COPY article.

If you have no ability to write, you can order article on Fiverr with 5$/1 article. You can also use some other article service such as, , Warrior For Hire.

Spin technique

Spin is synonymous technique in order to create different articles with the same content. For example: in stead of using beautiful, you can select nice, pretty, good looking. By using spin technique, you can create thousand of high quality article without worrying duplicate content.

There are a lot of supporting tools for you to spin article such as Spinner Chief, Article Spinner 3.0 , Spin Rewriteretc.


Find 5 -10 potential products

Write 2 articles to review product.

Submit to articlebase.

Edit original articles and paste to other article sites

Post 2 reviews for each product everyday.

This is a simple method that can bring you money quickly but it not a sustainable way.