Sunday , 25 February 2018

Amazon Affiliate’s diary

Amazon Affiliate’s diary.

This diary belongs to Gossapril who is the website admin. I want to confirm that this topic is my new way to do Amazon Affiliate. My advice for you is to try 1 website or if you want more money, you should have at least 10 websites.

From the fist of this month until now

Amazon Affiliate’s diary



The day I got the biggest money

biggest money amazone

My detail plan:

–       I will do Amazon auto website until I get my target income (1000$/month)

–       Each domain contains one site auto amazon. Attach 1 site blog in the domain .com/blog, post articles

–       Each site will be posted 5 products (5 articles). Each article is for 1 blog. All the articles will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.
You do SEO for each site

–       Repeat all steps create at least 100 sites.


–       Domain: I don’t use subdomain. I want to use 1 domain for each site.

–       Necessary plugins: wprobot, The Best Spinner or SpinnerChief or any tools that can be spinned.

–       Articles for blogs: Search for keywords on Google and collect some paragraphs. Join all the paragraphs in one article and spin it and post it on blog.

–       I have never do this auto Amazon but I believe that after 2 month, I will get at least 10 dollars a day for each site. I will continue updating my progress.


Hi every one, I was so busy so I did not have time to update. I did 5 sites already.

–       Buy domain with niche you want to do. For example: I did not do keyword research because traffic from longtail keyword is the product’s name.
Use for all sites. The first purpose is to increase site load. The second is to prevent sites from spam violation from Google due to the same IP. If you use cloudflare, there are millions of websites with the same IP, Google can not you incriminate for spam.

–       Use wprobot to post articles.

–       Each article will be posted on Facebook and Twitter by

–       Use theme genesis to do SEO.

–       Post 1 article per day. Don’t forget to spin article before posting on website.

–       Submit sitemap to Google webmaster. Each account should post 5 sitemaps.

–       Install to follow traffic every day.

–       Each site, you create 2 backlink web 2.0 each day.

–       You next step is to continue new sites.



Vps for each month is 20$. For each VPS you can load 50 websites. If you use hostgator, you can load 10 to 20 sites.

Domain for each month is 25 units (50$). I need 50 domains costing 100$



1.What kind of theme do you use? Is It store?

I use genesis.

2. What tool get asin do you use?

Zonasinhunter, or Asin fetch pro
3. Do you use host or vps? What is better?

I use vps because it is cheaper and stronger than host. If you use host, you should use hostgator.

4. Do you do keyword research?


5. How do you use do SEO?

Each day is 2 web2.0 backlinks.

6. Do you think your sites will be banned?

I don’t think so but I am not sure.

7. Where do you buy vps?

At Ở, select OpenVzSSD package, the price including discount is $20. Search for Google, you see code discount 35%.

8. Can you show me you example site? :